What Do We Do?

Once you hire our Team, we take it from there!


We inventory the items in the house and separate the personal property from the items that need to be sold based on our agreement.


We organize and stage the items properly including display cases, tables and whatever is needed to make the items desirable and in their natural location.

Research & Pricing

We research and price all the items in the home for perspective buyers during the estate sale.

Marketing & Advertising

We market and advertise the sale online and off-line.  We have a large following of estate sale shoppers and offer a venue that can help with those clients who live out in the country and are afraid people wont attend their sales, or exclusive sales where it is not advisable to have large groups of people. Now we can do auctions online that are featured nationally.‎


Trustworthy, family employed business that handles all accounts payable/ receivables with utmost integrity.


Once the sale is over, we can help with a  clean up crew, and the hauling off the remaining property.
Each estate sale will be determined on a case by case basis and based on our communication with you.

Want to Get Started?

We believe communication is the best way to start.  Let us know what we can do for you and we're happy to assist you with your next moving, downsizing or estate sale anywhere